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Online classes

We offer online classes for schools or organised groups of adults (at least 15 people). The classes are free of charge, each class takes ca. 40 minutes. It is advised to contact us at least one week before the planned date. We use MS Teams or Zoom as platforms.

Contact and registration: Monday–Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. Phone 539 639 596, E-mail:

Topics for primary schools (Grade IV–VIII)

1. Collegium Maius wasn't build in a day, or the origins of the University

The reign of Casimir the Great, foundation of the first Polish university, academic traditions.

2. Around the world in 45 minutes – instruments of a medieval navigator

History of geographical discoveries and cartography, navigational instruments.

3. Nicholas Copernicus – astronomy master (student)

Copernicus' eduaction at the University and his later achievement, astronomical instruments contemporary to him.

Topics for secondary schools, adults, senior citizens

1. A dangerous invention? Origins of printing in Kraków

2. Painting with light, or the technique of creating stained glass art

3. Sonderaktion Krakau — history of the Jagiellonian University during the World War 2.