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Stuba Communis

Until the 19th century, the Stuba was the meeting and dining room for the professors living in Collegium Maius. Behind the reconstructed tables stands the oak wooden stairwell made in the early 18th century Gdańsk. From the same city comes the Baroque cupboard (18th c.), which contains a collection of silverware (from 17th to 19th c.). The reconstructed wooden paneling holds putter dishes from the same period. Inside the Gothic oriel (15th c.) the sculpture made ca. 1380 stands on display, presenting King Kasimir the Great.

  • First floor
  • Space: 120 m2
  • Seats available: ca. 40; standing places: ca. 70
  • Artificial light

Available for rent after negotiation of terms - Tel. 12 422 05 49, 12 663 13 07.