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September 2022

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No Illusions. Exhibition of Adam Korpak's works

Date: 05.09.2022 - 27.11.2022
No Illusions. Exhibition of Adam Korpak's works

The Jagiellonian University Museum will present for the third time an exhibition of works by Adam Korpak, an outstanding Polish artist living in Finland since 1974, where he has consistently and successfully developed his career as a press and book illustrator, as well as a photographer and designer.

By expressing himself primarily in newspaper drawings, Adam Korpak has created a very distinctive and recognisable style. This is, after all, what a press drawing should be, serving a specific purpose in a newspaper that is difficult to achieve in photography. Ultimately, a press illustration is a very special form of expression which can reach its audience more easily than a long, journalistic text. Satire or even irony, humour and commentary on events and various socio-political phenomena are inherent in it.

In addition to skillful drawing, it is also essential for an illustrator to have a sharp view of the world and the ability to draw conclusions so that even the most complicated situation can be summed up in a single image. This is perhaps the greatest challenge for this type of artist. Living on the borderline between two cultures, in his work he transfers his sensitivity, fears and hopes, as well as his individual view of the world, onto paper. What is universal and comprehensible in it, regardless of the place where we are given to live. Using metaphor and symbolism, he draws attention to important, all-embracing human values and problems through an attractive presentation of his subject matter. The reflections and thoughts evoked in the viewer prove that Adam Korpak's drawings have a strong, intellectual message.

The exhibition No Illusions will include illustrations for daily and weekly newspapers, exlibrises and satirical drawings created between 1977 and 2017.

The official opening event is to take place on 5 September at 16:00 in the Collegium Maius cellars.

The exhibition will be available for visiting daily until 31 January 2023 between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Free entry.