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540th birth anniversary and 470th death anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus

As a part of the Nicolaus Copernicus celebrations to mark the 540th  anniversary of his birth and the 470th anniversary of his death, we cordially invite you to visit the section of museum's exhibition dedicated to the memory of one of the most distinguished students in history of Cracow University – Nicolaus Copernicus. The museum offers a  possibility to visit the Copernicus Treasury, featuring the most valuable collection from the time of his studies in Cracow, and also the Jagiellonian Hall with a special exhibition prepared for the celebrations. Among the oldest and most exquisite scientific instruments in our collection you will be able see: a unique set of three medieval astronomical instruments – a torquetum, a celestial globe and an astrolabe – which were bequeathed in 1493 by Professor Marcin Bylica of Olkusz in his last will; medieval astrolabes, including a Moorish astrolabe from 1054; a collection of sundials. An additional feature of the exhibition are the facsimiles of documents  proving that Copernicus lived in Cracow, as well as keepsakes and objects donated to the museum during earlier events commemorating the astronomer's life and achievements.

We invite you to visit us on 30th October (Wednesday), from 15.00 to 19.45.

Visiting in groups of max. 20 person, each 15 minutes.

Organized groups, such as school classes, are requested for early contact in order to arrange visiting times:

E-mail: m.banas@uj.edu.pl

Phone: 12 663 13 18

Entry out of charge

More about this event: http://www.mikolaj.kopernik.uj.edu.pl/

Published Date: 23.10.2013
Published by: Paweł Siemianowski