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The Estreicher's Corner in the Huta Courtyard of the Collegium Maius

event-date: 26.09.2013

The space of the Huta Courtyard of the Collegium Maius (accessed from the ul. Św. Anny 10) is changing its look. Thanks to sculptures made by Karol Badyna, it is becoming the place of commemoration of renowned people connected to the Jagiellonian University.

In the Huta Courtyard we will be able to see portrait sculptures of Julian Aleksandrowicz, Antoni Kępiński, and in the back end a hidden image of King Kasimir the Great.

The place of honor is taken by the bust of Karol Estreicher, the founder of the Jagiellonian University Museum, the new patron of this place.

Prof. Karol Badyna

Professor at Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. His works of art include numerous monument sculptures in Poland, i.a. in Cracow, Lublin, Płock, Sandomierz, Sulejówek, Łódź, Kielce, Biłgoraj and Zakopane. His most noteworthy projects realized abroad are monuments in New York, Washington, D.C., Tel-Aviv and Singapore. Prof. Badyna is the author of many portraits busts presented in urban open space.  He designed busts of Gen. W. Sikorski, Gen. W. Zdrzałka, Gen. B. Kwiatkowski, Bishop J. Chrapek, Bishop J. Ablewicz, and the Primate of Poland, Cardinal St. Wyszyński.


‘Considering all important aspects of a sculpture work, I pay special attention to those related with the art of portraying. While contemplating the values which over millennia have influenced the shape and development of this art, I feel compelled to think about the fascinating phenomenon pervading sculpture, reaching its deepest roots. The impression of life captured in solid and motionless form. A constant process, a motion staying active within a moment put still, remaining in lifeless matter...'

Karol Badyna

Published Date: 26.09.2013
Published by: Paweł Siemianowski