Commission of National Education Room

At the end of the 18th century the Commission of National Education initiated a reform of the university. The person chosen to perform this task was Hugo Kołłątaj . The historical objects of art and science displayed in this room commemorate that important period in the history of Kraków University. The walls show portraits of the reformers. The scenes on the ceiling plafonds painted by Zbigniew Pabisiak also depict the personages and events related to the University reform.

The 18th-century astronomical and physical instruments, purchased from the best European companies active in that time, are witnesses to the breadth of university reorganisation. The most valuable exhibits include the achromatic telescope by Peter Dollond (London, ca. 1770), the astronomical quadrant by Jacque Canivet (Paris, 1760), and the equatorial by George Adams jr (England, end of 18th c.).

The instruments are displayed among furnishings and paintings dating to the same period.