Globe Rooms

The large globe collection was accumulated by the University library for educational and research purposes. The globes displayed in this section of the museum belong to the most precious objects of this type in the entire collection.

Next to the pair of Gerard Mercator’s globes (1512–1594), the only one of its kind in Poland, visitors can also see large globes of the ordinary library type made in the workshop of Willem J. Blaeu (1571–1638) based in Amsterdam, and other, smaller globes from the Nuremberg workshop of Johann Doppelmeier (1677–1750).

Other noteworthy exhibits include the first globes with Polish nomenclature commissioned in the Nuremberg company Abel–Klinger during the 1860s and the Prague company Jan Felkl at the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

The walls are decorated with works of extraordinary European painters and the 17th-century ‘Polish-type’ Persian rug.