The Green Room

The breathtaking salon of Collegium Maius features paintings by Jan Matejko (portrait of Maria Pusłowska, 1871, and Władysław Biały in Dijon, ca. 1868), Artur Grottger, and Jacek Malczewski, as well as works by a few extraordinary Western European painters (i.a. Venus and Amor by Jan Matsys, 1561, The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father in the Elsynor Castle by Eugène Delacroix, ca. 1815).

On the wall hangs an enormous 17th-century French gobelin titled l`Arc de triomphe with symbolism clearly referring to the ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV.

The room also houses memorabilia of Fryderyk Chopin, including the 1847 Pleyel’s piano played by him during his stay in Scotland where he visited Jane Stirling, his pupil and friend.

Another piece of art on its own is the elaborate floor made of lacewood, dark and light oakwood, creating an effect of illusion–juxtaposed cubes.