Museum Council

  • Prof. Jacek Popiel – Vice-Rector for Human Resources and Financial Management, Council Chairman,
  • Prof. Krystyna Chojnicka – Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration,
  • Prof. dr hab. Jan Święch – Dean of the Faculty of History,
  • Prof. Armen Edigarian – Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Prof. Grażyna Stochel – Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry,

  • Dr. Anna Jasińska – certified museum custodian, JU Museum,

  • Mgr Joanna Ślaga – custodian, head of the Inventoring Office, JU Museum.

Decision no. 53 of the Jagiellonian University Rector from 26th November 2012 about the creation of the Council of the Jagiellonian University Museum for the term of office 2012-2016.