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February 2024

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Inauguration of the Museum's Jubilee Year in the Collegium Maius Library

Date: 01.02.2024
Start Time: 12:00
Inauguration of the Museum's Jubilee Year in the Collegium Maius Library

On 1 February at 12:00, visit us to attend the inaugurational event of the jubilee year which celebrates the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Jagiellonian University Museum. On this occasion, a scientific session will start at 12:00 in the Library: "The interpretation and functioning of the academic legacy in the city and region". We invite everyone to also visit the opening event of the new exhibition The Cracow Academic Trail which is to take place immediately after the session. Open the article to read the event schedule.

The following speakers will appear before the guests:

His Magnificence Prof. Dr hab. Jacek Popiel, Rector of the Jagiellonian University

Prof. Dr hab. Krzysztof Stopka, Director of the Jagiellonian University Museum

Dr hab., Prof. UJ Maciej Mikuła — head of the flagship project Critical Heritage Studies Hub — Role of the JU Museum and the potential of university museums in shaping of the policy of heritage protection and critical discourse
Dr Joanna Ślaga — JU Museum Deputy Director — 60 years of JU Museum's activity, the development of the preservation of material and non-material legacy left by the educational, cultural and social function of the Jagiellonian University, and the methods of applying that legacy in the present University life

Dr hab., Prof. UW Hubert Kowalski — President of the Association of University Museums — The role of educational institutions in Cracow and the Małopolska region and the JU Museum in the development of association structures and the popularity and awareness of the academic legacy

Mgr Witold Górny — National Institute of Heritage, Head of the Local Department in Kraków — Cooperation between the NIH and educational institutions in matters of

mgr Agata Mucha — Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa, Koordynatorka Zespołu ds. Dziedzictwa Niematerialnego województwa łódzkiego, małopolskiego i śląskiego — Niematerialne dziedzictwo i znaczenie ceremoniału uniwersyteckiego w kontekście wpisu pochodu inauguracyjnego UJ na krajową listę niematerialnego dziedzictwa kulturowego

dr Natalia Bahlawan — Idea projektu Krakowskiej Trasy Akademickiej i wprowadzenie do wystawy fotograficznej

Bezpośrednio po sesji zapraszamy na zwiedzanie wystawy autorstwa Tomasza Niziołka pt. „Krakowska Trasa Akademicka” w Cellariach Collegium Maius.

Podczas wydarzenia zostanie zaprezentowany film 60' Muzeum UJ – Migawki.