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Night of Scientists in the Jagiellonian University Museum

event-date: 27.09.2013

The next Friday, 27th September, at 18:00 begins the Night of Scientists in our Museum. The program contains interesting workshops and visiting the interactive exhibition named ‘Everything is numbers', where visitors will be able to carry out 65 experiments illustrating two fields:

  1. In the world of geometry
  2. Numbers are everywhere

The ‘In the world of geometry' part consists of eight sets of experiments which facilitate understanding of the Pythaogorean theorem, explaining the Pascal's and Sierpiński's triangle, what fractals and grahps are. Here you will be able to find answer about the importance of shadows in mathematics and land surveying.

The „special purposes" lines – parable, hyperbole, ellipse – are only few of curves which find astonishing use.

The second part of the exhibition, ‘Numbers are everywhere', features, now almost forgotten, calculating devices invented before ‘the age of computer': abacus, arithmometer, slide rule. For many a young visitor these words sound foreign, and they will be able to understand them using original objects.

The computers, TV screens and other devices, now omnipresent, receive information only as streak of zeroes and ones. The exhibition features models explaining the way, in which texts and images can be turned into a code accepted by the computer. Everyone will be able to test their coding and encrypting skills be creating or breaking simple number codes.

Does a musician need to learn mathematics? We will find an answer by playing xylophone or duochord.

Math lovers will find many mathematical tests, puzzles and magical squares here.

Workshops available for visitors (max. 26 persons in a group, to make a reservation, please call 12 663 13 18):

The mysterious number Pi, at 20:00

The fractal world, at 21:00

Taming the infinity, at 22:00.

What is the number Pi and how to compute its value by experiments, construction and calculation?

How to construct fractals? How to use them?

Are all infinities equal? How many people can live in the Hilbert Hotel? Can an infinite sum give a finite result?

You will find answers for these questions during the workshops in the Beamed Room.

Visit us!

Published Date: 18.09.2013
Published by: Paweł Siemianowski