St. Jan Kanty Dwelling

St. Jan Kanty’s Chapel is located on the ground floor of Collegium Maius. It is the former residence of Jan of Kęty (1390-1473), a theology professor renowned for his diligence, humility, and piety. He enjoyed the opinion of holiness even during his lifetime. The professor was beatified in 1680 and canonised in 1767.

Presently, the chapel houses a statue of the saint covered by a canopy which was carried on the streets of Kraków from the Wawel Castle to the St. Anne’s Church during the great procession in 1775. One of the walls displays the original foundation plaque of the Jerusalem Bursa (boarding house) from 1453 which includes a depiction of Cardinal Zbigniew Oleśnicki holding a model of the bursa in his hand. In the background, visitors may see a grave slab depicting a University professor (ca. 1540) removed from the St. Anne’s Collegiate Church.