Professor Quarters

Professors lived in Collegium Maius up to the end of the 18th century. The inhabitants were called major collegiates. The building had twenty apartments which were called residences. For a long period of time, the rooms had no internal passages and old entrances leading to the cloister still exist.

The ‘Antoni Żołędziowski’ room was named after the theologian and hagiographer, the university rector during Hugo Kołłątaj’s reforms. It is a part of an old professor residence. The room houses cottage-style furnishings from Lesser Poland, Lower Silesia, and Germany, as well as a Rococo stove. The walls are adorned with valuable paintings: Christ with the Cross (1536, painted by Marco Palmezzano), and Portrait of a Woman (1640, painted by Jacob Willemsz Delff II).

Another part of the professor's residence is called ‘Ambroży Grabowski Room.’ It commemorates the distinguished historian, bookkeeper, and collectioner who authored popular Kraków guides. The 19th-century interior includes interesting pieces of furniture which previously belonged to Grabowski: a table used for cigar and pipe smoking, and an unusually short bed (it was a common opinion in the 19th century that sleeping in the horizontal body position is detrimental to health).

The room also features the largest clock in the entire collection–a grandfather clock equipped with a glockenspiel which can play various tunes from the opera works of Mozart.