The museum traces its roots to the Cabinet of Archaeology, founded in 1867 by Prof. J. Łepkowski. Since its very beginning it has received many donations and endowments. Thanks to generous benefactors like Wł. ks. Czartoryski, W. Rastawiecki, Al. Przeździecki, K. Rogawski, M. Apraksimow, M. Potulicka, and others, the University's archaeological and art collection was considered to be one of the most significant in Poland. After the Second World War, Prof. Karol Estreicher jun. collected all works of art surviving the conflict and, following decree issued by the JU Senate which suggested that all objects of historical value should be preserved in the Museum, acquired priceless exhibits from the Jagiellonian Library, the Astronomical Observatory, as well as many chairs and institutes of the University. Another part of the collection was formed by historical scientific instruments which had been gained before 1939 by Prof. Tadeusz Estreicher for the planned Natural History Museum. Moreover, the current exhibition would be difficult to imagine without donation from private persons, like K. Pusłowski, Z. Ameisenowa, D. Gromska, and F. Topolski. In the recent time the Museum has also received many donations from its alumni, banks, enterprises, corporations, and other sources.