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The former university library.

The late-Gothic net vault above the room, which is made of 30 different fields, deserves a special attention. The Libraria can be accessed through the Gothic portal made in ca. 1492, named Porta Aurea, the Golden Gateway. Together with marble and plaster busts of scholars and artist, as well as portraits of professors and benefactors, three reconstructed instruments of Nicolaus Copernicus are exhibited here: triquetrum, armillary sphere and quadrant.

  • First floor

  • Space: 122 m²
  • Exhibition space: 8 m²
  • Seats available: 70
  • Day light and artificial light
  • Cloakroom

With an earlier notice it is possible to install:

  • Sound reinforcement system
  • Wireless microphone
  • Slide projectorrzutnika slajdów
  • Text projectorrzutnika pisma
  • Video setzestawu video
  • Screen
  • PC projectorprojektora komputerowego
  • Flipchartu